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The Planet Fixed Displacement Ball Piston Hydraulic Motor is built to the highest quality standards - a compact light weight, high efficiency motor that provides dependable rotary power with a broad speed range and low noise level.

This motor employs 10 ball pistons uniformly distributed and ported, reacting with precision anti-friction bearing displacement rings to provide a virtually pulseless, vibration-free output rotation at any speed. Output torque is constant throughout entire speed range, with constant input pressure. Reversibility with identical dynamic characteristics in either direction is provided by precisely identical flow paths within the motor.

The motor may be operated continuously, reversed or stalled while under full load conditions. It may also be mounted in any position. Motor can be run with or without case filled. An empty case is recommended for speeds above 2000 rpm. Operating temperature is limited by the hydraulic fluid capabilities. A 10 micron filtration ahead of the motor is recommended. Filtration to this degree will prolong motor life and efficiency.
Unit of Measure

Motor Type

N/A Heavy Duty

Mount Type

N/A Face

Maximum Displacement

N/A 0.47 in³

Torque /100 psi

N/A 7 in·lb

Rated Minimum Speed

N/A 5 rpm

Rated Maximum Speed

N/A 4000 rpm

Rated Pressure

N/A 2000 psi

Nominal Output at Rated Speed and Pressure

N/A 9 hp

Flow Rate /100 rpm

N/A 0.2 gpm

Maximum Pressure

N/A 20 psi

Maximum Case Temperature

N/A 140 ºF

Maximum Overhung Load

N/A 250 Pound

Hydraulic Oil

N/A Premium Grade 75 to 300 SSU at 100 ºF

Typical Leakage Rate

N/A 15 in³/min

Number of Ball Pistons

N/A 10

Configuration Options

N/A 0.23 cu. in. displacement in same package face mount (for close couple mounting) heavy duty parts for adverse conditions rear tach-shaft output


N/A 5 Pound
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