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  • Customized hydraulic servo motors

    Planet manufactures specialty hydraulic motors, valves, and pumps that have been used for applications demanding precision and durability. We produce a range of motors that have been used such diverse applications as: personnel carrier turret operation, submarine controls, machine tool cutters, and motion picture camera controls. If you have an application that requires specialty hydraulic products, please call us and talk to our applications engineer.

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    Planet Products Corporation currently has seven state-of-the-art CNC horizontal lathes with multi-axis milling capabilities and patented live tooling developed in-house. Depending on weight, we can turn parts up to 20" dia. x 20" length. We regularly hold tolerances less than 0.001" and achieve finishes of 16 RMS. Planet also has OD/ID grinding as well as honing machines that are used in support the manufacture of turned components.

    Planet Products Corporation utilizes numerous CNC mills, with our largest machine capable of handling parts up to 64" x 32" x 30". The majority of machined tolerances are 0.005" or less and we regularly machine parts with even tighter features. Many features include large and small bores, deep hole drilling, thread milling and tapping, intricate pockets, and ribs that require significant attention to detail in order to avoid error stack-up.

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    Many of our customers' jobs require Planet Products Corporation's project management expertise to bring a number of components and processes together into a final turn-key assembly. Planet manages sub-contractors to handle Nadcap and/or Customer-Approved sources for any number of outside processes. These include heat treat, stress relieve, coatings, painting, non-destructive testing, etc. Our skilled assembly team integrates machined components with commercial electronics, gears, fittings, lubricants, and gaskets. Sealed assemblies can be tested in-house up to 3800psi.

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